Portfolio > A.I.R. Gallery "Wish You Were Here" postcard show MAY 2018 155 Plymouth St. Brooklyn NY

New York Women's March 2018
"Condom for an Unwanted Presidency" postcard-FRONT
crochet condom ( acrylic yarn) on paper

This postcard was made for the A.I.R. Gallery's annual postcard show in May- " Wish You Were Here"

A.I.R. Gallery- This year our post card show is be dedicated to immigrant rights and reproductive justice advocate, Alejandra Pablos, who was detained on March 7th for protesting against the Department of Homeland Security at a rally in Virginia. She was released on April 19th on an $8,000 bond, but now must continue to fight against her deportation case. Pablos has dedicated her life to supporting and protecting the rights of Latinx immigrant communities.
Collection of Dan Clendening